The Truth About the Timeshare Industry

There are some hard truths to find in the timeshare rental and resale industry. In almost every single case, timeshare owners were misled on the premise that their investment would provide a strong return over many years. Resort and development companies also go to great effort to promote timeshares as real estate that will appreciate over time.


At the end of the sales pitch, these fraudulent sales people will have you believing that you can purchase your timeshare today, enjoy it for a decade or more, and then sell it for at least the purchasing price. Most sales pitches even claim that resale values will be much higher than the initial investment.


The truth is that most timeshare owners don’t make money from their investments. Reselling a timeshare is near impossible because the secondary market DOES NOT EXIST. Timeshare sales are monopolized by the very companies that mislead buyers in the first place.


There are millions of timeshare owners around America who are desperately looking for a solution to exit a timeshare and avoid the increasing fees and financial losses.