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“Although it seemed like a good thing at the time, with presentation of sale and what could be accomplished as owners, in the end it was just a scheme to make money for, as usual, “Big Money” people. The communication between us and the organization was totally invisible. It was a total waste of time and money on our part and we are grateful to Resort Exit Group for ridding us of this delusion. As for the other so called timeshare release companies, they are a disgrace to us as American citizens. The old adage of Buyer Beware never came into play more than this experience we endured. A loss of over $4,000 for nothing but empty promises. Thank you Resort Exit Group for all your help and guidance”

W. Dziedzic

“We are eternally grateful for having found Resort Exit Group. After learning about what a nightmare and scam we had fallen for, we found a way out and prevented this from being passed down to our children! Thank you Resort Exit Group for educating us and providing us the priceless service of making us timeshare free!”

L. Bergouignan

“What a relief to be rid of my timeshare. I was heavy handed and pressured for hours to sign a contract I knew was wrong for me. Being a senior citizen seemed to be a group preyed on. I did say no repeatedly to the salesman but he turned a deaf ear over and over. I finally gave in. This should not happen to anyone. Thank goodness I found an advertisement for Resort Exit Group. I was scared – afraid I was getting ready to lose more money. Thank God they were honest folks helping obtain my release from a timeshare. This has given me great peace of mind. Thank you so much.”

C. Jordan

“I thought that I would be locked into my timeshare for the rest of my life. It took time but I got a wonderful Christmas gift when Resort Exit Group notified me that I am now “timeshare free”! It was well worth the wait to be able to get rid of this burden – once and for all!”

C. Rothery

“Thank you for helping us get out of our timeshare. I admit we were skeptical as so many companies take your money and are never heard from again. Whenever we had questions you were able to give us an answer and did just what you said you would do.”

K. Schroer

“I want to express our gratitude to Resort Exit Group for helping my husband and I release us of our timeshare contract. Your name and number were given to us by a relative. The representatives at Resort Exit Group were all very friendly, knowledgeable and helped us to understand the process. We will certainly recommend Resort Exit Group to anyone going through the same predicament.”

G. Holcomb

“I would like to express my appreciation for the professionalism exhibited by your firm in the timely handling of the release of our timeshare ownership. The whole procedure was clearly laid out for us to make a decision as to whether this would be the best option to remove the financial hardship that we found ourselves in at a pivotal time in our life. This escalated as a result of continual marketing techniques that had us upgrading which increased our indebtedness without proper consideration for our financial conditions. Thank you for your expertise in the area of timeshare contractual law that provides your clients an alternative to what appears to be a non-optional situation.”

L. Urick

“I want to express my gratitude to Resort Exit Group for helping me sell my Maui timeshare, after a friend of mine recommended I contact you. The representatives from your company were all very friendly, and took the time to help me understand the process. There was no pressure put on me to make any quick decisions, and Resort Exit Group was true to their word. Without your help, I would still be in a difficult situation as many other consumers who fell victim to the unethical business practices being used by the many timeshare companies out there.”

D. Ulloa

“It’s very rare that I will give my recommendations to others, but in this case I feel it is warranted and I am glad to give it, you guys did exactly what you said you would do and I am very pleased and satisfied with your services. Thank you so much, we feel like a huge weight has lifted off of our shoulders.”

L. Lewin

“Thank you Resort Exit Group. I and my husband thought a vacation timeshare would be great. Well, for more than one reason, it wasn’t. But we didn’t know what to do. My husband found and contacted Resort Exit Group and from the beginning they were knowledgeable and helpful. Everything was explained to us and we were told to leave everything in their hands. The letters and calls stopped and everything went quiet. Except for updates from Resort Exit Group. They said it could take up to 1 year but it wasn’t that long. And we received our notice of release. Thank you again Resort Exit Group. We will recommend you to our friends and anyone that needs help.”

C. Miller

“When we first hired Resort Exit Group, we were quoted as much as 12 months for us to be timeshare free. Resort Exit Group did an outstanding job and had us free within a couple of months. We were also kept informed of the proceedings throughout the process and had all our questions answered in understandable terms. Hiring Resort Exit Group to represent us was the best decision we ever made.”

P. Capelle

“Resort Exit Group has been very good to work with. My husband and I found them to be professional and courteous. We would be very happy to recommend them to anyone having been dissatisfied with their “timeshare” Thank you all.”

M. Hardison

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