Our Timeshare Exit Qualification Process

Have You Been a Victim of Timeshare Fraud?

Look for the signs that you’ve been conned by a timeshare resort company. Have you been:

  • Told that your timeshare would increase in value over time?
  • Told that your timeshare would come with lucrative tax incentives, or that you could simply refinance through a bank?
  • Told that you NEED to BUY TODAY, because the value of your timeshare would grow tomorrow?
  • Told that you could easily rent your timeshare to cover your purchase costs and fees?
  • Told that your timeshare would generate a passive income?
  • Invited to a meeting for an “Owner’s Update”, only to find that it’s a sales pitch?
  • Misled about the time that you would have available to cancel your timeshare?
  • Sat through a quick “90 minute” timeshare presentation that turned into a 4hr+ sales pitch?
***These are some of the most common complaints that arise from underhand timeshare sales practices. However, these are not the only ways that timeshare companies mislead people. Each timeshare exit qualification case is evaluated based on the unique circumstances.